Hydrotechnik – the inventors of the Minimess® test points

The Hydrotechnik products cover the complete measuring chain. From the mechanical connector to the pressure system, over sensors for all measurands to electronic measuring systems and PC software products.

The invention of the Minimess® test points more than 50 years ago was a technological leap in the hydraulic measurement and test technology. For the first time it became possible to connect and disconnect sensors without depressurizing the hydraulic system prior to that. Danger-free sampling and aeration are possible with Minimess®, too. Today the Minimess® product family is highly diversified. With several surfaces and coatings and a great number of types and accessories, most of the applications can be realized out-of-the-box. If required, we develop customer-specific solutions in a fast and cost-efficient way.

Hydrotechnik – collection and evaluation of measurement data

Test point – sensor – measuring instrument – software. Hydrotechnik develops, manufactures and sells solutions for the complete workflow of professional measuring technology. Our sensors for all usual measurands are reliable, robust and available for a large number of applications. Hydrotechnik developped the Intelligent Sensor Detection System (ISDS) that is used to hand-over sensor parameters and linearisation tables when the sensor is connected to the measuring instrument. This means a reliable plug-and-measure. The Hydrotechnik family of professional measuring instruments supports measuring engineers and service technicians during their daily measuring tasks. The suited instrument is provided for each field-of-use: beginning with a cost-efficient entry solution to complex measuring systems for demanding test routines.

Beside professional hardware Hydrotechnik offers efficient and easy-to-use software solutions. These allow the transmission of measuring data to PCs and their analysation, evaluation and presentation. The unique software package HYDROgen + HYDROrun for the generation and execution of automated test procedures allow the use of our mobile measuring instruments during final testings and in test stations.

Hydrotechnik – innovative as partner of the customer

During the decades Hydrotechnik developped a range of products that offers the perfect solution for nearly all applications in the field of fluid measuring technology. But when standard solutions does not fit, a particular strength of Hydrotechnik becomes obvious. As a medium-sized company with short decision making processes we are flexible enough to develop customer-specific solutions and adaptions in a short time and at reasonable cost. This assures a seamless integration of our products into complex systems. Numerous examples of successful cooperations with renowned companies from the machinery and plant engineering proof our comepetence and efficiency.