Why measure pressure?
The need to use a pressure transducer with increasing accuracy and reliability continues to expand as pressure measurement helps to provide vital data that improves the safety, quality and efficiency of even the most demanding and performance critical modern operating systems used in research, test and production functions within highly competitive market sectors worldwide.

Find out more about the science behind pressure measurement.

From industrial and aircraft hydraulics to subsea oil production, automotive and rail vehicle to off road mobile hydraulics, chemical and power plants to energy and environmental control, pressure measurement methods and pressure transducers have evolved to offer an extensive choice of cost effective and innovative solutions addressing the individual needs of specific applications.

Hydrotechik offer a new & expanded pressure transducer range made in Germany in partnership between Hydrotechnik & ADZ. Our sensors feature advanced silicon sensing technologies widely proven for research, test and production applications in the most demanding industry sectors – from aerospace, automotive and mobile hydraulics to process, energy and environmental.


Diffused and thin-film piezo-resistive silicon pressure measuring elements with robust modular packaging provide a fully integrated reliable sensor which is highly accurate, compact and lightweight with excellent operational characteristics such as vibration, shock and overload resistance.

A high performance, low risk and cost effective solution for critical pressure measurements even in the harshest of conditions. A wide range of standard products is available and custom designs can be supplied.

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