Easy to use gas charging valves and charging kits with a leak proof guarantee are used for charging, discharging and pressure testing of hydraulic accumulators, dampers, fire suppression and other pneumatic or gaseous systems. Hydrotechnik’s range of Minimess gas charging valves and gas charging kits are easy to use and widely adopted.

Connect and disconnect under full system pressure without loss of gas. Suitable up to 630 bar, minimess charging and testing valves are a dual purpose connection with a reliable positive screwed connection.

Key advantages:

  • Excellent leak proof integrity, leakage <2 x 10-5 mbar l/s within operating temperatures from -40°C to +135°C
  • Uses the proven Minimess construction with soft seat poppet valve, opened with microbore hose assembly or female Minimess connector
  • Adaptors available to suit a range of accumulator designs or existing connections.
  • Military authorised.

Minimess gas charging valves are popular where hydraulic accumulators are used, for example:

  • Pressure energy source for power brake and steering boosters
  • Spring element in the construction of vehicles and in stationary plants
  • Maintaining the pressure in fastening devices, presses and pressing devices
  • Additional sources of energy in stationary plant

Accumulator charging devices & kits with Minimess charging adaptors for different accumulator charging valves

  • Wide choice of accumulator charging kits to suit all budgets
  • Devices to fit on to Nitrogen Bottle or Accumulator to show accumulator charge pressures during testing or filling
  • Wide range of Minimess adaptors including VG8 (5/16″UNEF), 5/8″ UNF, 7/8″UNF, 1/4″ BSP & M28x1.5