A condition monitoring system’s performance is vital to protecting hydraulic components, such as pumps, bearings, and seals. Eaton’s Internormen monitoring systems provide mobile and stationary fluid monitoring and particle counting as well as an immediate and precise diagnosis of a system’s condition. Eaton systems easily connect to an external computer to control operations and manage measurement data using LabVIEW Data Manager software (export in MS-Excel).

Laboratory Analysis & Measurement Systems

Eaton’s in-house laboratory has the capability to provide accurate and immediate analysis results and solutions for mobile and stationary hydraulic systems by teaming up with the fluid management experts.


Critical Analysis

Fluid is the lifeblood of every hydraulic power system. To keep it running efficiently and effectively, you need to know what’s in it.

Eaton can increase your productivity by helping you reduce catastrophic equipment failures, maintain optimum component performance, and identify any substandard maintenance practices.


Clear Benefits

Eaton offers testing designed to tell you the most about your hydraulic fluid using sophisticated computer programs and laboratory diagnostic equipment.


Comprehensive Testing

The Eaton Fluid Analysis Service is certified to ISO 12025 and offers a full range of tests specifically designed for the analysis of hydraulic and lubrication system fluid. Our laboratory equipment and test procedures provide an exact analysis of your hydraulic or oil lubricated system, and our drawdown particle isolation procedure ensures accurate results.

Eaton presents your fluid test results in an easy to understand format. Results typically include:

1. Results Target

2. Trend Information

3. Cleanliness Code Graph


– LPC 02 – Set Laboratory Particle Counter

– PAS 01 Sampling and Oil Analysis Kit

– WAS 01 Water Analysis Kit

– Drop-ball Viscosimeter

– Microscope Set

Condition Monitoring Systems PDF

In-Line Measuring Systems

Eaton’s Internormen in-line measuring systems are designed to mount directly to stationary systems for continuous or periodic monitoring, or can be used as mobile monitoring solutions in hydraulic and lubricating systems. Immediate and accurate diagnoses enables the operator to influence the system or intervene with appropriate counteractive measures when necessary.


Eaton’s Internormen in-line monitoring systems allow for stationary fluid monitoring. Immediate and accurate diagnoses are made according to available and valid standards.


Particle Counter

– MPM 01 Set – Metal Particle Monitor System

– CCM 01 Set – Contamination Control Monitor System

– PFS 01 – Laser Sensor

– CCT 01 Set – Contamination Control Transmitter System

– CSM 02 – Contamination Sensor Monitor

Water Contamination

– WSTM 01-Set

Oil Condition

– IVS 01 – In-line Multifunction Oil Condition Sensor

Condition Monitoring Systems PDF

On/Off-Line Measuring Systems

Because external factors have an extensive influence on the lubricant during operation, knowing particle size distribution on the contamination, water saturation, and temperature enables the user to evaluate the precise condition of a system. This information helps promptly initiate actions and cost-saving measures before any failures can occur.


Eaton’s Internormen on-line and off-line monitoring systems are mobile measuring systems designed for monitoring hydraulic and lubrication fluids. Immediate and accurate diagnoses are made, enabling the user to determine the aging condition of oil by measuring different parameters and thereby making a precise assessment of a system’s condition or components.



– CCS 4 – Contamination Control System

– OCM 01 – Oil Condition Monitor

– WHS 01 Set

Condition Monitoring Systems PDF


Eaton offers a selection of metal particle and water-in-oil monitoring sensors. The MPS series, designed as inexpensive in-line monitoring solutions for stationary and permanent operations, detects metal particles using an inductive measuring technique. The WSPS water contamination sensors are designed for quick and reliable off-line measurements of saturated water in oil.



Metal Particles

– MPS 01.2 – Detects metal particle >200 μm Fe

– MPS 02.1 – Detect metal particles ≥ 260 μm Fe

– MPS 03.1 – Detect metal particles ≥ 350 μm Fe

Water Contamination

– WSPS 01 – a monitoring and diagnostic sensor designed for quick and reliable off-line measurements of saturated water in oil

– WSPS 05 – an effective diagnostic system with an integrated thermal sensor for determining the saturation level of water in oil

Instruction Manual – Eaton Internormen CCT 01 Set – Contamination Control Transmitter PDF
Instruction Manual – Eaton Internormen MPS 01.2 – Metal Particle Sensor PDF

Instruction Manual – Eaton Internormen MPS 02.1 – Metal Particle Sensor PDF

Instruction Manual – Eaton Internormen MPS 03.1 – Metal Particle Sensor PDF