Eaton offers a complete line of hydraulic filter accessories for hydraulic and lubrication filters, systems and condition monitoring equipment.

Maintenance Unit for Filter Element Change

For quick and clean filter element change without oil loss, the Eaton Internormen WGR 60 maintenance unit is ideal. Pumping and storing the oil outside of the filter housing, while changing the element avoids oil loss. Returning the extracted oil back into the system, after changing the filter, is a cost saving option.



– for filter element change in wind power plants

– hydraulic systems in steel works



– WGR 60



Eaton Internormen Wind Power Solutions PDF

Heating & Cooling Systems

Eaton Internormen Oil Heating and Cooling Systems are an essential part of any preventative maintenance programs for wind power systems. They assist in proper oil maintenance, monitoring, and filtration of lubricants that provide protection to gearboxes against corrosion, wear, and tear.


Heating Systems

The HS Heating Systems provide quick additional heating of oil in the gears when low temperatures and extreme conditions cause the oil viscosity reaches up to 741,600 SUS (160 000 cSt (mm ²/s)). Both HS systems are maintenance-free and equipped with a monitoring device that prevents the overheating of oil.


Cooling Systems

A wide range of high-quality standard and custom-designed oil coolers with excellent cooling capacities and designed to withstand harshest operating conditions. Eaton Internormen coolers are available in various types and sizes.


Eaton also provides the following for wind power systems.

– Additional filtration systems

– Metal particle monitoring systems

– Solid contamination monitoring systems

– Water-in-oil monitoring systems

– Water removal systems

– High quality desiccant breathers



  • – Wind Power



Heating Systems

– HS10

– HS16

– Heated Suction Hose HSH

Cooling Systems

– CI 71

– CI 81

– CI 91

– CI 101

– Plate Cooler WO-CI 95


Condition Monitoring Systems PDF
Eaton Internormen Wind Power Solutions PDF
Eaton Internormen Hydraulic and Lubrication Filters Brochure PDF

Clogging Indicators

Eaton Internormen clogging indicators reliably monitor filter clogging caused by particulate accumulation in hydraulic and lubricating oil filters. Different types are available: optical, electrical, optical-electrical, electronic, as well as the following variations: block execution, explosion-proof, thread execution, with reset function and with control function. The clogging indicators easily integrate into automatic control systems, and ensure continuous contamination control.



– The AE 30 and AE 40 pollution indicators are electrical differential pressure indicators. The AE 50 to AE 80 pollution indicators are combined optical and electrical differential pressure indicators.

– The clogging indicators with designation AOR and AOC are visual pressure difference indicators with a reset function or control function.

– The clogging indicator OE is a combined visual and electrical pressure difference indicator. This type of pressure difference indicator can be mounted on all pressure filters with operating pressure ≤ 63 bar, if the corresponding measuring ports on the filter housing are available.

– Maintenance free

– Continuous pressure difference measuring

– Early identification on increased


Hydraulic and lubrication systems


– AE-Visual-electrical, thread execution

– AE- Visual-electrical block execution

– AE10_EX – Electrical, explosion-proof

– AOR/AOC – Thread execution

– OP/OE- Visual/Visual-electrical, block execution

– OP/OE- Visual/Visual-electrical

– OE-Ex – Visual-electrical, explosion-proof

– OE-Ex-Block Visual-electrical, explosion-proof, block execution

– E/O – Electrical / visual

– E6


Eaton Internormen Filtration Solutions for Mobile Hydraulics PDF

Eaton Internormen Hydraulic and Lubrication Filters Brochure PDF

Calibration Set

CALSOFT 01 – software for automatic secondary calibration for particle sizes of the CCS 2 and CCS 4 – laser sensor based on ISO 11171.


– Quick and cost-efficient inspection of the CCS 2 and CCS 4 or for its secondary calibration.

– Automatic comparison of marginal values for the following channels: > 4 µm, > 4,6 µm, > 6 µm, > 6,4 µm, > 10 µm, > 14 µm, > 21 µm, > 37 µm.

– Safe and simple handling due to the support of the bottle sampling system BBS 2 and the solution for secondary calibration CALSUS 01.


– A purified bottle sample of the calibration suspension CALSUS 01 (based on ISO 11171) will be freed from gas and introduced into the CCS 2 / CCS 4 using the BBS 2.

– The stated numbers of particles of certain sizes contained in the CALSUS 01 will be entered in the calibration software’s user-menu. After the particle counting is completed, the calibration values will be recalculated and suggested for acceptance.

– This automatic secondary calibration does not replace the annual Factory Calibration (which also includes additional maintenance and a new calibration certificate).


– Calibration Software

– Calibration Fluid


Eaton Internormen BSS 2 Bottle Sampling System – Instruction Manual PDf
Instruction Manual – Eaton Internormen CCS 4 PDF
Instructions for Automatic Calibration – Eaton Internormen CALSUS 01 PDF
Instructions for Size Calibration – Eaton Internormen CALSUS 01 PDF