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Hydraulic and Lubrication Systems


Fluid power is one of the most reliable and repeatable forms of power and motion control. When problems are encountered, 80% of the time they are related to inadequate contamination control practices. Eaton has more than a 75-year history of dedication to helping engineers develop, operate and maintain filtration products, as well as cleanliness practices designed to support reliable, high quality power and motion control systems.

Filtration & Lubrication Systems

The Twinfil Filter Systems are specially designed gear lubrication systems that reliably supply all gear lubrication points as they filter and deaerate the system.




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Off-Line Filter Units

Eaton's oil service equipment makes off-line filtration easy and helps save on the cost of oil, maintenance and component replacement in your operation. Off-line filtration units include both stationary and mobile versions. Options like heat exchangers, Watersorp elements, and vacuum dehydration systems are also available. During off-line filtration the filter is in a circuit separated from the main operation stream. By separating the streams, off-line filtration can function as long as it takes for the operating fluid to reach the necessary cleanliness, regardless of the system’s running time.

Stationary Off-Line Filter Units

The Eaton Internormen stationary filter units are designed for the oil-service for gears with lubricants of high viscosity for the off-line filtration. The compact construction on a base plate without tube is the precondition for the small dimensions and the high reliability. The device is equipped with a gear pump driven by an e-motor. The circulation filter units US 10-640 take oil from a reservoir connected by a hose to clean it from contaminants (dirt and water). The purified oil is pumped into the intended reservoir. The contaminants accumulate in the filter. The unit works without supervision after the start. The maximum allowable dirt particle size of the working fluid should be  200μm. Larger dirt particles cause a premature wear of the gear pump. The stationary filter units USP 20-320 with plate heat exchanger are intended for oil maintenance and for oil cooling on hydraulic systems. FeaturesDocumentsPurchase




Stationary Units


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Mobile Off-Line Filter Units

Designed and manufactured for oil maintenance and lubrication systems, Eaton’s Internormen mobile filter unit is versatile and reliable. In addition to an existing filter, it is ideal for secondary flow filtration. Its portability and compact structural design allows it to operate in difficult to access areas.




Mobile Units

Fluid Control

Explosion Proof

Fluid Purifier Systems

Water is one of the most common contaminants and the second most destructive besides particulate contamination. Eaton's Internormen fluid purifier systems are fully automated, compact systems used for the removal of free, emulsified and dissolved water, free and dissolved gases, and particulate contamination.

Stationary Fluid Purifier Systems

Eaton’s Stationary Fluid Purifier Systems are fully automated, oil purification systems that remove free, emulsified and dissolved water, solid contamination, and free and dissolved gases from oil using the principle of vacuum evaporation with an inert gas. As a result, fluid life is extended, component costs and downtime are reduced. Additionally, the units are equipped with silica gel air filters which increase the efficiency of the whole system, even in high humidity environments.


Mobile Fluid Purifier Systems

Some of the most damaging problems water contamination can cause are:

Principle of Operation:

Contaminated fluid is drawn into the Internormen Fluid Purifier System by a vacuum of 0,6 to 0,9 bars. The fluid is passing a heater which is raising the temperature in order to increase the filtration speed. The fluid then enters through a vacuum actuated inlet valve into the vacuum chamber, where it is then allowed to cascade over the dispersal elements to break it into droplets in the tower. This increases the exposed surface area of the fluid and converts the water into vapour form, which is drawn out of the tower with a vacuum pump through the condenser to the drainage reservoir for drain off. The water-free fluid is drawn out of the tower by a hydraulic pump and sent through a high efficiency particulate removal filter back to the system. The installed water sensor allows a permanent control of the saturation of the fluid.



Eaton Internormen Fluid Purifier Systems PDF

Coolant & Lubricant Service Unit

Eaton’s Internormen Mobile Coolant and Lubricant Service Unit, the MKS 601, is a multi-functional system that simplifies the draining of coolant or lubricant from the CNC machine tanks. The system removes contaminants in the emulsion generated by the machining process.



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