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HYDROcom 6

With the HYDROcom Explorer you have everything under control. Manage measurement series and channels, drag and drop measuring data in an layout section, ready. Display details and statistics with one click, or add calculated channels in seconds.

Combine channels of different measurement series as desired, measuring time and scan rate are no objects. Drag channels into diagram or table, ready.

Drag diagrams, tables, images and texts on your report sheet, ready. Save report templates to complete recurring duties in a rational way.

Enter an arbitrary text into the search box, the search results are available instantly. Search for measurands, instruments, points in time or any other information contained in the measuring data.


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Product Flyer.pdf

Product Manual.pdf





Remote control Hydrotechnik measuring systems. HYDROlink gives full access to all functions of the instrument, comfortably from your own PC. Available for MultiSystem 8050 and MultiSystem 5060.

Minimess® test points can be installed easily and are available in numerours variants and versions. Hydrotechnik is the developper of the Minimess® test points and nothing is better than the original.


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Software manual (for MS 5060).pdf

Software manual (for MS/MC 8050).pdf




Program measuring and test routines, e.g. for serial product testing or standardized measuring tasks in the field of service and maintenance. Programming is done with graphical elements and requires no programming skills.


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Software manual.pdf





Runs programmed test routines in a measuring device or on a PC. Supervises the compliance with all parameters and controls operations.


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For the comfortable, fast and safe firmware update of our measuring instruments. Keeps you up-to-date, an important contribution for the long term conservation of value. Not for MultiHandy 2020.


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Measuring Systems Catalogue.pdf

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