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Hydrotechnik runs an approved DKD calibration laboratory acc. to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2000. Beside DKD and factory calibrations we offer a competent repair and maintenance service for measuring instruments and sensors.


Maintenance of measuring instruments and sensors

Only with exactly adjusted and calibrated measuring instruments and sensors you can collect and evaluate measuring data in an exact and reliable way. Hydrotechnik offers a range of services that are not limited to our own products.



DKD calibration body

Since 1986, Hydrotechnik is DKD calibration body approved in acc. to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (registration No K-05101) for the measurands pressure and volume flow in liquids. The calibration is executed in accordance to the DKD directives and testified with a DKD calibration certificate. These certificates are accepted in many countries.



Factory calibration

Beside the calibration of the DKD-approved measurands pressure and volume flow, we execute factory calibrations for further measurands. The calibrations are executed in accordance to factory calibration directived and testified with factory calibration certificates. All used normals are referred to national normals.






Please address all queries to Mr. Lanz in our service department, or to Mr. Kraus, the head of our calibration body. We will be very much pleased to answer all questions regarding the topic “Calibration in the measuring technology” and will give you a non-binding offer.

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