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Measuring Systems



Information is valuable, especially when it comes from inside complex technical structures and installations. Use them to maintain an overview of state, quality and preformance, it provides hints on potential critical incidents or failures.

Hydrotechnik is focussed on the collection, recording and evaluation of information, especially from hydraulic plants and systems. We are the developper of the Minimess® test point and numerous other innovations. We provide a complete and rounded range of products to out customers, where a suitable solution can be assembled for nearly each application. In short, we offer „systemic measuring“.

When the standard product range proves not to be suffi cient, a special Hydrotechnik strength becomes visible. We are a company with lean structures and quick decisions. This allows us to develop customer specifi c solutions and adaptations of our products in a fast and cost-effective way.

By the use of modern tools and methods in development, construction and production we are ready to react to customer requests and market developments quickly.

For Hydrotechnik, ‘Quality without Compromise’ is not just a statement. It is a working reality. All areas of the company adhere to maintaining ISO 9001 standards, certifi cation of which was awarded in 1996. To ensure maximum quality control, Hydrotechnik practices the highest standards of manufacturing at our works in Limburg, Germany



MultiSystem are high end measuring systems with a complete range of functions for all applications. With numerous channels for several input signals and measurands and the possibility of internal and external trigger control. You may execute real-time calculations on virtual channels, or display and record sensor signals from a CAN bus. MultiSystem instruments (not MultiSystem 4010) are able to run pre-defi ned test sequences and to record the results in a fool-proof way. Use the MultiXtend extension modules to increase measuring systems to individual applications.






MultiHandy are robust measuring devices, developed for daily diagnosis at small to medium sized systems. They are easy to operate and very reliable, equipped with two or three measuring inputs and a virtual channel for live calculations. Data download and PC connection via USB are standard, just as long battery performance and ISDS to automatically detect connected sensors are standard also.






MultiBox is the name of our measuring boxes for the use with a PC or Laptop. The basic version MultiBox 3060 is a measuring box without memory and can be operated without power pack. The MultiBox 3061 has an internal memory and due to its robustness it is very well suited for fi eld measurements and tests under diffi cult environmental conditions. With its Ethernet interface, the MultiBox 3065 can be integrated into network architectures and programmed and operated with the HYDROwork supplied with all instruments.





MultiXtend is the name of the handy modules that can be used to expand the Hydrotechnik measuring instruments or equip them with additional functions. They may provide further input channels for sensors with analog or frequency output signal, allow the measuring of electrical measurands, or the connection of thermocouples.




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