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HySense is the new name for all sensors made by Hydrotechnik. It is synonymous with quality without compromise and with unlimited reliability. The new systematic naming of the sensors indicates the sensor type.


HySense PR – Pressure sensors

Pressure is a central factor in fl uid technology. By measuring the pressure, basic settings in systems and installations can be made and it is also very important for diagnosis of the complete system. Hydrotechnik offers a broad range of piezo-resistive sensors where the deformation of a metal membrane infl uences electrical resistance which can be used to determine pressure values and dynamic changes.


The offered sensors are separated into three product families:




HySense Q - Volume flow sensors

Measuring of volume flow rates is very important for diagnosis and condition monitoring of fluid-technical systems. Hydrotechnik offers four product types, each providing its own specific qualities and advantages.




HySense TE - Temperature sensors

Temperature is an important measurand especially for exact determination of viscosity and density of the fl uid, and therefore the reproducability of measuring results. Hydrotechnik offers several models for the fast and reliable capture of the medium temperature:




Sensors for other measurands

With our HySense sensors, Hydrotechnik covers all important physical measurands of importance for diagnosis and condition monitoring of fl uid-technical systems. On the following pages you can fi nd precise and reliable sensors for




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