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System Solutions

CAN-Bus System Solution

The CAN-Bus system enables flexible processing of control- ans sensor information; from this information it generates the electrical signals required to control the valves. The entire wiring rerequirement is reduced to a bus cable and a power supply line.



The CAN-Bus system solution is used to control electrical acutated valves in mobile hydraulic systems.

Target applications areas include local authority vehicles, harvesting-, forestry and construction machinery as well as systems for lifting/lowering and boom/mast positioning. In these applications, the positions and speeds (linear, rotary) of hydraulic acutators are controlled in open-and/or closed-loop mode.

With the advantages discribed, the CAN Bus system represents an optimum solution for application-specific drive requirements.

The main components of a CAN Bus control system




Mastermodul ELMR221 100_P_700054_E.pdf

Mastermodul 100-P-700055-E-01.pdf

Slavemodul ELMR201_100-P-700053-E-01.pdf

Terminal ELBE194_100-P-700056-E-01.pdf

Internal Gear Pumps for Variable Speed Drives

As a result of increased environmental awareness and growing competitiveness of rival drive technologies, the energy consumption and noise generation of plant and machinery have become decisive criteria. By using variable speed pumps, it is possible to create energy-efficient hydraulic drives.


Schematic function


Hydraulic Drive Systems for Engine Cooling Fans

Bucher Hydraulics has developed an ideal system based on tried and tested components. It consists of the AP212 external gear pump, the APM212 fan drive motor and the ESLF 101 electronic control unit. The external gear pump is available in various models and flange configurations, including those required for direct flange-mounting on all common internal combustion engines. The fan drive motor is designed on the "building block" principle and can be supplied with the following options:



Technical data

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