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External gear pumps AP

The essential components of series AP external gear pumps are an aluminium alloy body and two gearwheels supported by plain bearings. The front flange can be the SAE standard, or the British or German OEM patterns. The various frame sizes can be combined with each other, enabling double and triple pumps to be assembled.


Technical data




Gear Pumps AP05 Data Sheet.pdf

Gear Pumps AP100 Data Sheet.pdf

Gear Pumps AP300 Data Sheet.pdf

High Pressure Internal Gear Pumps QX

The QX pumps are the 5th generation of Bucher internal gear pumps, which have proven themselves in thirty years of service around the world. The straightforward and rugged construction guarantees long service life without the need for extensive maintenance. Tandem and multiple pumps are available worldwide in more than 1000 variants.


Technical Data

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Internal Gear Pumps Series QX.pdf

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