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External gear motors, series APM

The essential components of series APM212 external gear motors are an aluminium alloy body and two gearwheels supported by plain bearings.

The front flange can be the SAE standard, or the British or German OEM patterns.

Particular attention has been focussed on the design of the shaft seal, which is often affected by back-pressures.


Technical data




APM212 Gear Motors Data Sheet.pdf

AP/APM212 Gear Pumps and Motors Data Sheet.pdf

Internal Gear Unit QXM

The QXM drive unit can be used in open- and closed-loop hydrostatic drives, and can operate both as a pump and as a motor.

The QXM works as a pump to lift the load and it can recover energy when the load is being lowered.

Used as a bi-directional pump / motor (four-quadrant operation), the unit can control the complete motion cycle of a cylinder.


Technical Data



Internal Gear Unit for motor/pump service Series QXM.pdf

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